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About AC Watchdog Alarm System

Our first alarm system was installed in May of 2006. The installation was done in Detroit, Michigan. It gets pretty cold in Michigan. We are very pleased to state that we have never had a report of a false signal. Our installation and our sensor is what makes us SUPERIOR!

Other companies have attempted to duplicate our product. Their products give false signals - their products also give false security! Protect your air conditioning investment with the AC WATCHDOG alarm with confidence of knowing our alarms have been successfully effective in deterring theft and has never been reported to give false signals.

Don't Confuse us with the rest:
AC WATCHDOG is the Original and the Best!


Why AC Alarm

Air conditioners are easy targets for the common thief. The copper and metal is being sold to scrap yards as easily as returning an empty aluminum can to your local grocery store.

As hard as the authorities are trying to crack down on this type of behavior, it is difficult to do. Copper can not be identified to prove where it came from.

Scrappers have picked copper and other metals out of garbage stacked on curbsides of the street for years. For some, it is their only means of income.

With the prices of copper and metals on the rise, this means the value of these materials have increased as well.

It is no longer just the occasional scrapper looking to make a few dollars; it has turned into a very easy and quick way for any thief to make a profit, at the consumers expense.